Some blues-playing friends of HALO are putting on
 a FREE memorial concert and jam and want to restock
 our much needed inventory items too!  Thank you.

Please bring one or more of the following items:  twin bedsheets, bath towels, washcloths, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, 
bar soap and NEW pillows

Sunday, October 5 from 3 ~ 9 pm

Georges Downtown ~ 1201 North Main St. 

THANK YOU to all of our dining friends who visited
Route 20 Outhouse on Wednesday, September 17.

It was another successful Helping for HALO Event!!

A History of Caring

The Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization, Inc. grew out of a community-wide task force to address the issue of chronic homelessness in Racine County. Backed by several great community leaders with a shared solicitude, we proudly opened our 120 bed facility in 2005. 

Our mission is to meet Racine County's emergency shelter needs, to coordinate support services, and to lead the community in the prevention of chronic homelessness. The vision for HALO is that every man, woman, and child experiencing homelessness be provided food, clothing, and shelter while receiving tools and training designed to help them return to a stable living environment. 
Through this, we hope to help individuals experiencing homelessness become self-sufficient and to ensure the safety of homeless children through stable living and learning environments.

The Homeless in Racine

The homeless in Racine County are seemingly invisible to the general public, yet since opening,  HALO's emergency shelter program has served thousands of individuals, with 980 in 2012 alone. According to data from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, over 1,000 students in Racine Unified were identified as homeless in 2013, with that number on the rise. According to data from the Wisconsin Community Action Program, while the rest of the country's homeless population fell 5.7 percent between 2008 and 2012, Wisconsin's rose over 20 percent during that same time period. Homelessness is a very real issue in Racine, Wisconsin.

Where HALO Comes In 

HALO values the uniqueness of each homeless individual and offers a range of programs and services tailored to meet their individual needs. We want to show respect and dignity to every man, woman, and child facing homelessness and offer them vital services and peace of mind. We seek to do this by having participants at HALO create with their case managers an Individual Success Plan. This ISP, as we call it, pairs participant dedication with many of our Programs & Services in order to illuminate the path to self-sufficiency.

For the pilot program W.O.W.  -  Women of Worth

A  HALO  Story


Quote from a recent HALO participant

HALO's Family Program is in the running to be a 2014 Miracle Charity! 
Funds from every bingo gamed played are divided up by 30 charities for children.
Play bingo at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino and help make miracles happen.

Play Bingo!

HALO is funded in part by: the State of Wisconsin, the Department of Commerce, the Division of Housing, Community Development, United Way of Racine, the Racine Community Foundation, and Racine Dominicans.

Generous support for our intensive case management to promote self-sufficiency provided 
by a grant from The S.L. Gimbel Foundation.
      Racine Dominicans

Special Thanks to our Corporate Partners:
Corporate Partners 5.1.14

HALO is grateful for the 200+ individuals and business who have generously contributed to our 
Journey to Self-Sufficiency Endowment Fund. For a complete listing of contributors, please click here

Journey to Self-Sufficiency

This agency receives funding from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and/or the State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce to provide services for homeless and near homeless individuals and their families. A requirement of this funding is that this agency participates in the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System. This system collects basic information about clients receiving services from this agency. This requirement was enacted in order to get a more accurate count of individuals and families who are homeless and to identify the need for different services.

HALO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) qualified organization.