Support Garrett's Health Project

     My current effort is to make HALO an even healthier                             place for the homeless.

     I am requesting your support to develop a project                         based on the needs of the homeless and the needs of HALO.

     Won't you join me in the effort to help others? 

                                          -Garrett Peter Wilkins

Garrett Wilkins is an Eagle Scout who has pioneered many projects to help the homeless in our community.

He is currently raising funds to attend the Global Healer conference on poverty and health issues at Duke University's summer Academy for high school students.

At the conference, he will learn about different cultural perspectives on medicine and the intricacies of preventative health so that he may develop his own philosophy on health care.

Garrett will bring back to HALO what he has learned to improve the health of the disadvantaged. He plans to create a health program focusing on good nutrition to benefit HALO participants. 

Please help Garrett reach his goal of $6,000 by May 15, 2015. 

If Garrett is unable to attend the conference, all money raised will still benefit HALO.

Your contribution is tax-deductible.

100% of your donation made here will directly support Garrett's health project.

We are honored to partner with this passionate young man. 

We thank you for supporting his vision!