PHP For Landlords

Benefits of Renting to PHP Participants

  • Rent is guaranteed by the 1st of every month, and paid for by HALO
  • All participants go through a lengthy interview process and preparation period 
  • Monthly housing inspections by HALO staff 
  • There are no additional tenants allowed to occupy the residence 
  • We allow no drugs or alcohol usage by any PHP participant, staff administer random drug testing 
  • There are no overnight visitors allowed, unless approved by HALO staff
  • No pets are allowed in any PHP residence
  • Renters liability insurance paid for by HALO
  • Escrow is guaranteed by PHP before the move in date
  • We adhere with all HUD Guidelines

Lease Agreement

PHP strongly prefers month-to-month renting contracts over year-long leases just in case we need to evict a tenant.

PHP Responsibilities

PHP case managers will assist by providing education and practical experience in areas such as career paths, goal setting, budgeting, parenting, personal empowerment and other life skills opportunities.

Our organization is responsible for any damages rendered to your property by a PHP tenant.
We will cover any costs and procedures if eviction or small claims court become necessary.

Contact Us

If you wish to begin renting to PHP participants, please contact:

AJ Jelks
THP Program Director 
262.633.3235 Extension 233