Journey to Self-Sufficiency Program

HALO’s Journey to Self-Sufficiency accountability-based program is for adults striving for independent living. With dignity and respect, HALO helps once alienated adults overcome personal barriers to rediscover their self-worth and proper place in society. Empowered with a clear path to self-sufficiency, HALO’s Journey to Self-Sufficiency Program Participants are in a better position to succeed.

HALO is the only homeless shelter in Wisconsin offering Intensive Case Management paired with a comprehensive network of support services designed to promote self-sufficiency. Understanding that everyone comes to HALO with their own individual story is vital to our ability to help them. HALO Case managers coordinate support services and foster human connections for a successful transition from shelter life to independent living.


Working closely with their case manager to address personal needs and identify goals, program participants create their own Individual Success Plan (ISP). These plans provide a clear path to self-sufficiency by coordinating supportive services tailored to meet individual needs.

Support services can include mental health counseling, addiction recovery, literacy and GED training, anger management, legal guidance, employment coaching, parenting lessons, health and nutrition guidance, budgeting and financial counseling, vocational training, life skills and more.


As long as program participants are actively working towards their ISP goals, there is no restriction as to how long they may stay at HALO. Residents maintain a strict daily schedule with curfews, routine chores, and obligatory meetings, all while following firm shelter rules. HALO is a dry shelter and forbids alcohol and drug use. Smoking is also prohibited on shelter grounds.

In exchange for their hard-work and determination, HALO offers program participants individual sleeping rooms, three meals daily, hot showers, laundry services, appropriate clothing, personal care items, childcare services, transportation assistance for ISP related needs, and more.

Program Outcomes

HALO’s goals include maintaining or improving our client success rate; supporting our local economy by adding educated, skilled workers to the workforce; and strengthening the community by supporting the healthy development of children. This is accomplished through our Journey to Self-Sufficiency program that pairs intensive case management with a collaborative network of over 90 support services to offer tools and trainings necessary for our clients to succeed.

HALO defines client success by three variables:
            1.   The successful completion of all goals on the client’s Individual Success Plan 
                            as outlined by their Case Manager
            2.   The ability to maintain steady employment
            3.   The transition into stable housing with enough income and savings to support themselves.

Last year, of the 501 program participants, 190 moved into stable housing with enough income and savings to support themselves. This continues HALO’s 47% success rate which is higher than the nation’s average.