HALO's Angels of Support

HALO's mission  would be impossible without the generous support of our community.  We are grateful for your continued support.

The fall semester found UW-M nursing students at HALO on Tuesdays. They interacted with clients, took blood pressure, administered eye chart screenings, and spent time with staff discussing common health issues at the shelter.  The semester ended with a presentation on addiction.  We loved having you and will miss you!     Thank you for coming to HALO..                                                                            

Haas Dinner a Success

The  Haas barbecue was held on April 29, 2017. It was a big success and the event will be moved to Meadowbrook in 2018.  Save the date - May 5, 2018.  Thank you Marie and Ed!

We felt compelled to donate the proceeds from the fundraiser to HALO because we are alarmed by the increasing numbers of homeless, especially those with mental illness, who face danger, and even death, because they are living on the streets. Also, we wholeheartedly embrace HALO's philosophy of ending the cycle of homelessness by providing services such as vocational training, substance abuse counseling, and assistance with affordable housing.
    -Marie & Ed Haas

                                                         - Eric Olesen, Owner
                                                            A HALO Corporate Partner