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HALO offers plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in helping out your community. It is only because of volunteers, donors, and workers that we can continue to serve Racine's homeless population. Please consider any one of our opportunities to get involved in helping us deal with the complex issue of homelessness.

Immediate Volunteer Needs:
  • Tutors needed Tues-Wed-Thurs from 3-5 p.m.

Volunteer for us! Donate your time, and help us make a difference with as little as a few hours.

Donate to us! Consider giving either an in kind or monetary gift to HALO.

Intern for us! We offer a number of different intern positions.

Please fill out a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION HERE  and indicate your areas of interest.
Contact Community and Volunteer Programs Manager, Stephanie Martin at 262.633.3235 ext. 142 or smartin@haloinc.org for more information.

At the 2014 SLEEP OUT for HALO, Racine County's Poet Laureate, Nick Ramsey recited the following poem written expressly for HALO. Thank you, Nick, for capturing our mission in these inspiring words!

Sleep Out Poem for HALO

By Nick Ramsey
Racine County Poet Laureate (2013-2015)

Homelessness a tough topic it took hours to prepare this
The point that’s most important – Encourage Awareness
Roughly 1% of all Americans are affected
That’s nearly three million people, a number not to be neglected

From veterans to children, every age and every race
With the climbing unemployment rates we see the struggle taking shape
Stark looks and judgment, solitude is punishment
Cut off from family – What kind of love is this?

Left abandoned without companions wandering the street
Praying for a place to sleep and something nourishing to eat
And we wonder why they don’t trust the helping hand
They’re worried and concerned about the selfishness of man

No more respect that a critter, treated like a piece of litter
Harboring resentment viewpoints based on being bitter
All that’s needed sometimes is someone caring to talk with
So often they’re criticized, beat down and exhausted

A supportive community, help from you and me
Take time and invest it the results will grow beautifully
Of course there are services, programs, and training
Shelters and pantries and tools for educating

But begin by sharing love with your sisters and brothers
Be empathetic, no one should ever suffer
There’s no reason to wait until the weathers the worst
They already feel cursed, it starts with self-worth

Once you find value in what you have to offer
You can write your own story – Ink pen to author
It might sound fantastic, but this place exists
Take a trip and build life-long relationships

And when the need hits you you’ll be well situated
Because giving breeds giving it’ll be reciprocated
It’s on us to make sure that the public’s aware
Don’t stop and stare, be an advocate that cares

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