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Childcare Assistance for Motivated Parents

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Childcare Assistance for Motivated Parents

Sponsored by the Ruud Family Foundation of Racine, CAMP rewards parents who are determined to improve their children's welfare through educational pursuits designed to qualify them for better paying jobs. Subsidized HALO Childcare tuition equal to the current W2 state subsidy rates will be offered in exchange for regular progress reports and acceptable grades while the parent is enrolled in a qualifying educational program in pursuit of GED, higher education degree, or job skills certification. Childcare will be provided to cover both the hours the parent spends at school, plus time for study. 

CAMP aims to help the parent reach their educational goal in the most timely manner possible. There are no other resources in Racine County to assist parents with childcare costs while they are in school. Using a system of referrals, this program will prove that it is possible to identify and assist qualified, motivated students with their childcare needs as they are in pursuit of a clearly defined educational goal.

The first beneficiary in this two-generation program is the parent who will earn a degree or certification to qualify them for a better paying job. The second beneficiary is the child who will receive unmatched, quality care at HALO Childcare. With a focus on school-readiness, the mission of HALO Childcare is to instill a life-long desire to learn in every child. Daily communications with HCC parents aim to build a greater sense of accountability for the child’s progress and success in school.

In addition to improving the economic health of the family, the program encourages building a strong support system around every child through family involvement. CAMP participants join HALO’s Family Program and have access to all wrap-around services our shelter residents receive. CAMP participants are assigned a case manager in charge of monitoring their progress and grades. A parenting skills/knowledge questionnaire will be given at the start of the program and at the end of every session as a way to measure parenting skills. Parents have access to learning tools and will be taught the importance of playtime and interactions focused on the child.

Referrals to this program must fill out an application.

Please contact Lauren Sommers at 262-633-3235 xtn.104 or for more information.

Download a CAMP brochure here.

HALO's CAMP program is funded entirely through the generosity of private foundations including the Ruud Family Foundation, the Racine Community Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and others.