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What is Transitional Housing?

posted Jun 11, 2015, 6:59 AM by Amy Macemon
Shelter residents who are showing considerable progress towards their self-sufficiency goals can be referred to HALO’s Transitional Housing Program (THP). When approved, the client moves into a furnished apartment and is assigned a new housing case manager. The program offers housing to approved clients for up to 24 months, ensuring a smoother transition from shelter life to independent living.

 After experiencing homelessness, moving into one’s own housing unit can be more difficult than anticipated. It is a scary step for many. HALO case managers maintain close contact with THP clients through weekly meetings and regular phone calls. Clients are required to attend support groups and trainings, budget monthly and remain clean and sober.

 It can be overwhelming for a client to suddenly have roomfuls of space in which to spread their belongings, as opposed to just a drawer or two. Unannounced home inspections and drug tests assess the client’s ability to maintain a decent, sanitary living space.

 THP clients prepare a monthly budget and must submit receipts for budgeted expenses. HALO case managers encourage clients to save up the equivalent of three months’ rent plus a safety deposit for when they must move out.

In 2007, HALO’s Transitional Housing Program started with 17 scattered-site apartment units. Today HALO’s THP includes 15 family units and 9 single units.