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From the Executive Director

posted Feb 16, 2016, 11:11 AM by Stephanie Martin
One of the biggest and most important steps for each person that enters HALO comes at the very end of their stay here: their move out date. HALO’s mission is to provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for those experiencing homelessness in Racine County, and finding our clients a good place to live is crucial to success. However, a great obstacle to this success is the challenge of finding safe and stable housing. 

This housing is important for HALO’s Transitional and Permanent Housing Programs (THP & PHP) as well as our residents who move out on their own. HALO leases 43 units for 65 individuals and families throughout Racine who have severe disabilities and/or high barriers to overcoming their formerly homeless situation. These units have to meet certain quality standards in order to keep residents safe while remaining in our price range. There are some wonderful landlords throughout Racine that we work with to provide this housing, but the need for more is far greater than what is available.

HALO has already begun work in rehabbing foreclosed or vacant homes around our community, in partnership with Land-Quest, Forward Community Investments, the City and County of Racine, The HOME Investment Partnerships Program, and Wells Fargo. The past few months, we finished our first three homes, two of which will soon be filled with clients straight from HALO’s programs. However, because the need is so great, HALO is now stepping in to be one of the founding members of the Racine Revitalization Partnership.

We hope that by entering into this partnership with a number of different key stakeholders from Racine, we will be able to have a greater impact on the families and individuals experiencing homelessness. It is our firm belief that the foundation to living self-sufficiently is a safe and stable home; without this, people will continue to fall through the cracks. A collective effort by the Racine Revitalization Partnership, beginning in the Uptown neighborhood of Racine, can create the stable homes that become the foundation for the success of not only HALO’s participants, but all of Racine. 

We hope that you will continue to support HALO as we pursue long term solutions to the deep and complex problems of homelessness. Without the backing of community members like you, we would not be able to work towards these solutions. 

Kevin Cookman, Executive Director