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BizTimes Media's Nonprofit Excellence Award

posted Nov 3, 2016, 12:33 PM by Andrew Koetz
Exciting news! HALO was awarded this morning with the BizTimes Media's Nonprofit Excellence Award for our work in Social Enterprises. According to BizTimes, "This award recognizes a nonprofit organization that demonstrates creative application of the principles of social enterprise in the operation and funding of the organization."

As one of 3 finalists, we attended the ceremony in Milwaukee this morning along with many other organizations, most of whom were located in Milwaukee themselves.

HALO's Social Enterprise initiatives include a number of programs designed to help create more opportunities for the men and women coming out of homelessness while also providing additional revenue opportunities to support our core programming. Recipe for Success utilizes our unused kitchen space to provide local food entrepreneurs with a commercial space to grow their business, while providing the men and women in our shelter with employment opportunities. Growing Home distributes fresh produce grown on site to local households, including many in HALO's housing programs, all while offering opportunities for HALO program participants to learn growing skills. And our Housing Rehab Program helps to provide more affordable, quality housing for the people of Racine, especially including those moving out of HALO.

Thank you BizTimes for recognizing and HALO and all the other nonprofits included in this event. Your support means so much to our organization and helps to validate the important work we are doing in the Racine Community!