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HALO's mission is to lead the fight against homelessness in Racine County by offering individualized support to address root causes of homelessness while providing shelter and other basic human needs.  

HALO is a 501c3, not-for-profit organization and relies heavily on individual donations for support.

Here are our most recent financial documents:

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Generous Funders

Today, a strong network of over 3,000 individual donors, 380 businesses, and 180 non-profits and foundations provide on-going financial support. These supporters are HALO's Angels. Updates on generous contributions, volunteer activities and other kind-hearted gestures of support can be found on HALO's Angels page.

HALO is funded in part by: the State of Wisconsin, the Department of Commerce, the Division of Housing, Community Development, United Way of Racine, the Racine Community Foundation, and Racine Dominicans.

Support for our shelter is provided in part by a generous grant from The S.L. Gimbel Foundation.

Support for HALO's Family Program and Childcare Center funded in part by a generous grant from the Union Pacific Foundation and Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

Support for HALO's innovative program, CAMP-Childcare Assistance for Motivated Parents, provided by a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Ruud Family Foundation 
and the
Racine Community Foundation.

HALO received a matching grant from the RGK Foundation in Austin, Texas,  in support of our accountability-based programs. Click here for more information.


Special thanks to our Corporate Partners, who have give at least a 3 year pledge to support HALO:

This agency receives funding from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and/or the State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce to provide services for homeless and near homeless individuals and their families. A requirement of this funding is that this agency participates in the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System. This system collects basic information about clients receiving services from this agency. This requirement was enacted in order to get a more accurate count of individuals and families who are homeless and to identify the need for different services.

HALO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) qualified organization.